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The Caribou River, 1994
This was our first trip and we were green as grass. Paul and I both thought we were experienced outdoor people and we got our lunch handed to us. We chose the wrong river, had the wrong gear, the wrong canoe and could have done a better job on the food. As hard as the trip was, we started planning for a bigger, longer trip before we had spent three nights on the river. A couple of years later we paddled the Horton.

The Horton River, 1996
The Horton River was our second river trip and was probably our best trip in terms of travel and canoeing. The area was very pretty and the scenery and terrain changed almost daily, sometimes it seemed by the hour. The Horton Canyon was a challenge and paddling through the "Burning Hills" was major event. This area had been scoured intensively in the search for Franklin as the search parties mistook the burning anthracite for signal fires from the lost expedition. Paddling from the beginning to the end of the river and tasting saltwater felt good.

The Nowleye and the Kamalukuak Rivers, 1999
We met our ride at Kasba Lake and got dropped off in the shallow, rocky headwaters of the Nowleye River. We paddled the Nowleye, sometimes referred to as the River of Death, as the Inuit people in that area suffered from a number of years of lean hunting in the 30's, to Nowleye Lake and then to the Kamalukuak River. Then donw the Kamalukuak to big Dubawnt Lake and our ride home. That was a very pretty, interesting trip with many reminders of the  Inuit People everywhere we stopped.

The Thelon River, 2003
Visually spectacular, historically fascinating, we paddled the Thelon from near it's headwaters to Beverly Lake. We portaged around the Thelon Canyon, went through the Gap, stopped at Warden's Grove, traversed the Game Sanctuary, saw Hornby Point, drifted through the eskers and sand dunes and struggled through the Thelon Bluffs to big Beverly Lake. We saw more wildlife than we could have wished for and had a very good trip.

The Kunwak and Kazan Rivers, 2006

Our last trip was in the summer of 2006. Paul and I wanted to paddle some of the big lakes and traverse a portion of the Kazan Drainage. The Inuit had lived in this area for a very long time and where only recently off of the land. We were constantly reminded of their time here. There were old camps, food and tool caches and inuksuit almost everywhere we got off the water.  We paddled four big lakes and made it to our pick-up. That was a good trip.









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