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The is a replica of a Mackenzie Delta Kayak that I built  several years ago. It is

very tender and probably needs to be paddled with ballast in it. The round hull

shape made it feel unstable at all times.



The finished kayak on launch day.


The finished gunnels with the forward cockpit deck beam in place.


One of the "Horns" during it's construction. I glued up a number of pieces of cedar

to get the basic shape and cut and carved it to fit.


The gunnels with half of the deck beams in place. I replicated the mortise and

tenon of the original.


The tenon detail in the gunnels.


The stern horn in place with the very unusual stringers being installed. The stringers

were about an eighth inch thick and about three inches wide. In the original, they

were pliable enough to follow the round rib contour creating a continuous round hulll



This is a good view of the finished hull. The stringers slowly bent and formed to the

rib contours after they were covered, but it took a while.


A view of the finished hull without the cockpit in place.


Another view of the finished hull.


The kayak is now covered with the cockpit in place ready to be varnished.


The detail of the finished cockpit before varnishing.


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  2009 Jim Rutzick